Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Now With More Action!!!!

Today I've made the decision to do more regular updates/postings to my blog.  Over the next few weeks I will focus on postings that really get to what I am doing gaming wise.  The postings will fall into one of the following categories:

Minis - Warhammer 40K
Minis - Dystopian Wars
Minis - Warmachine/Hordes
RPG - D&D: Neverwinter (game I am DM'ing)
RPG - D&D: War of the Burning Sky (game I am DM'ing)
RPG - DeathWatch (game I am DM'ing)
Random Board Games!

I am going to try and share more of my experiences in these areas so that readers can get a feel for what I'm doing around gaming.  The MAIN focus is going to spend more time reflecting on my game experience so that I can get more enjoyment out of my hobby....maybe my readers can to!

Game On!