Saturday, January 5, 2013

UPDATE - Three's Comapny

Ok....played a test game with Justin.  Legion of Everblight was his weapon of choice.  Justin won with 3 caster kills.  Although the Army played well, I need to make a change.  I am loosing pSloane for's why.  I found that while pSloane was good when she hit...she can only hit ONCE (ROF=1).  Sure her Firing Line Feat will give her an extra shot, it's still not enough.

eStryker Overboost for +16 STR in exchage fo 7 damage (pretty good), but he failed to kill a single caster - even with the charge (mostly due to high DEF enemy models).  I think Darius will give me more staying power in deeper turns and lining up his Tremor Attack (all models within 2 inches are knocked down) will increase Strykers kill count.

....more to follow....

Three's Company!!!

Two girls and a guy want to be roommates, but their ultra-conservative landlord is having none of that!  This re-casting of the old sit-com favorite is featuring eStryker, eHaley and pSloane....coming soon to a tournament at RedCap's!

In a few week, Red Cap's is running a unique 3 Warcaster/Warlock Only Tournament...this is my team!

I chose eHaley because NOBODY messes with an opponents rhythm like her feat.  I chose Sloan because...she is a Weapon Master with her rifle...say it with me DAAAAYYYYYUUUMMMMM!!!!!  I chose eStryker because he's....eStryker!!!!  Many of my opponents are still in shock over my Assassination runs with him after I used his OVERBOOST!  I'm thinking that with his reach, if the opponent is not careful with his placement, I might even get TWO casters with one run!!!

...more to follow...

Return of the Bone 'Nids!!!!

I've been working on an 1,850 point Tyranid Army using 6th edition.  I am currently play testing it against Akil's Dark Eldar/Eldar army.  So far, it's going pretty well.

The scenario is Relic with a Hammer and Anvil Deployment.

We are both not really crisp on the rules, but no MAJOR mistakes.   My army list is:

  • Hive Tyrant (HQ)
  • Tyranid Prime (HQ)
  • Tervigon (Troop)
  • Tervigon (Troop)
  • Termagant Brood (x10 w/Devourer) (Troop)
  • Termagant Brood (x10 w/Devourer) (Troop)
  • Genestealer Brood (x10 + Broodlord) (Troop) - RESERVED [Outflanking]
  • Venomthrope Brood (x2) (Elite)
  • Zoanathrope (Elite)
  • Trygon Prime (Heavy) - RESERVED [Deep Striking]

It's the end of turn 1 and I have added the following:

  • Termagant Brood (x11 w/Fleshborer) (Troop)
  • Termagant Brood (x13 w/Fleshborer) (Troop)

One of the things that is interesting about this army is the number of Psychic Powers that it brings to the table - a total of 10 in five models!!!!  I have swapped a few innate powers for Biomancy, Telepathy, and Telekinesis powers - I feel that finding the EXACT mix of effective Psychic Powers is key to unlocking the potential of this list.

I am also following some advice given to me by Colin Kielick in configuring the Venomthropes in a unit with the Tyranid Prime - increasing their ability to survive and continue to provide their 5+ cover save to units with a model within 6 inches.

The Warlord Trait I rolled for was Master of Ambush (all Outlflanking units get Acute Senses which allows a re-roll when determining which Table Edge they enter play from).  Turn #2 will determine how effective this ability turns out to be.

...more to follow...