Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Now With More Action!!!!

Today I've made the decision to do more regular updates/postings to my blog.  Over the next few weeks I will focus on postings that really get to what I am doing gaming wise.  The postings will fall into one of the following categories:

Minis - Warhammer 40K
Minis - Dystopian Wars
Minis - Warmachine/Hordes
RPG - D&D: Neverwinter (game I am DM'ing)
RPG - D&D: War of the Burning Sky (game I am DM'ing)
RPG - DeathWatch (game I am DM'ing)
Random Board Games!

I am going to try and share more of my experiences in these areas so that readers can get a feel for what I'm doing around gaming.  The MAIN focus is going to spend more time reflecting on my game experience so that I can get more enjoyment out of my hobby....maybe my readers can to!

Game On!


  1. Why, I came here for action! Win win!

  2. The Deathwatch game was top notch. You don't have all the new Necron model releases painted up yet? they came out at least 48 hours ago.