Saturday, December 13, 2014

Maynarkh Dynasty Converstion

I've finished basing all of my models for the big Apoc game.  I'm converting AT-43 Therian models to serve as my Maynarkh Dynasty.

I'm pretty psyched about the way they turned out.  Below are models for the HQ - An Overlord and 4 Lords.

According to the storyline, the Maynarkh Dynasty has the only mention of a "female" Necron.  The leader of the dynasty is known as "The Mother of Oblivion".

Here is a picture of my "counts as" of a Necron Destroyer Lord.

Finally, I using these as "counts as" Destroyers.

And my Deathmarks (Red Tanks).

Finally, my Triarch Stalker...

This is the only model I am having a problem with.  The original GW model does not have a base.  But even with the original base on this model, the "footprint" of this model is still too small.  I have to figure something out, because I LOVE this model as a Triarch Stalker.


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  1. You could order 1/8" thick wood circles in various sizes to rebase the thing. I just made Bushido markers from the same wood circles; they were priced right and high quality. PM me if you want source info.