Saturday, December 13, 2014

Maynarkh Dynasty Converstion

I've finished basing all of my models for the big Apoc game.  I'm converting AT-43 Therian models to serve as my Maynarkh Dynasty.

I'm pretty psyched about the way they turned out.  Below are models for the HQ - An Overlord and 4 Lords.

According to the storyline, the Maynarkh Dynasty has the only mention of a "female" Necron.  The leader of the dynasty is known as "The Mother of Oblivion".

Here is a picture of my "counts as" of a Necron Destroyer Lord.

Finally, I using these as "counts as" Destroyers.

And my Deathmarks (Red Tanks).

Finally, my Triarch Stalker...

This is the only model I am having a problem with.  The original GW model does not have a base.  But even with the original base on this model, the "footprint" of this model is still too small.  I have to figure something out, because I LOVE this model as a Triarch Stalker.


Comparative Size

The infantry models are pretty much on scale with traditional GW models.  This picture is a great comparison illustration.

This is an officer model and and trooper model (with a grenade launcher) next to a GW Cadian standard bearer.  Note that they are all going to get sucked through the Monolith Portal of Exile....because I haven't forgotten my roots!!


PS (Ignore that Warmachine Colossal in the background on the right side).

Friday, December 12, 2014

IG Infantry

Following up on my previous post regarding my new IG Army, someone asked me to post pictures of the models I will be using for my Infantry models.  Here they are!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Imperial Guard Army

As requested, here are pics of the Armored Units that are a part of my new IG army.  The first Tank is the Command Tank.  I have 3 of each of the other vehicles and one flyer.  The flyer is the Forge World Avenger.  The army comes to over 2,300 points, and I haven't built the two Infantry Platoons. 

I'm pretty proud to say that not one model in the Army is GW.  More pics to follow.