Saturday, January 3, 2015

Imperial Knight....sort of

I've decided to add an Imperial Knight to Imperial Guard army.  I'm doing this mostly because I like the concept and at Mechanicon I had an opportunity to watch a guy play with one and it added some tactical flexibility that I think is important in this new 40K era.

In keeping with my desire to build this army without using a single GW model (not counting my Forge World flyers), I've decided to go with the Leviathan Crusader.

I've already started putting the model together and it is a very fun process...not something I say often about model building.  While it comes with the circular stand in the picture above, I am probably going to mount it on a standard GW size stand from Secret Wars.

I'll post pics once I'm finished construction.

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  1. Hey Man,

    Good thinking. Do you know how it scales to the GW Knight?