Thursday, June 30, 2011

How I Became a Necron (PART 1)

Although I grew up with Monopoly and various other board games, I began my real path in gaming around 1986, role-playing in Champions and Villains & Vigilantes.  Later, I expanded to miniature and card games.  As I grew (and made more money) I began to expand my gaming.  But I couldn’t get any traction in my miniature – mostly due to a lack of players.   I had always seen people playing 40K, I even had the Battlefleet Gothic Box set (but couldn’t find players).

 In the fall of 2002, I went into a game store and said, I want to try out this 40K system….but I don’t want any army that other people are already playing.  The proprietor said…”you’re in luck, Codex Necron just came out!”  I purchased the Codex and starter box, and I was on my way.

After reading the Codex, I thought “I thought, these guys are the bad guys…REALLY bad!  Why would he give me this?”  Since I was reading while I built, my army was almost complete when I made this realization.  Now as I was reading the book, I was carrying it around, and a lot of people were saying “you’re playing Necron, COOL!”  Little did I know, these were the whisperings of the evil C’Tan known as The Deceiver, subtly working his machinations to subvert me to the darkest of dark sides.  At this point, I had a Necron Lord and the contents of 1 army box – total cost about $70 (we had a PAGE discount program even back then)  I was determined to table the army, and just chalk my money spent as The Cost of Doing Business!  But the Deceiver had other plans.

While at PAGE, GM’ing my now legendary Silver Age Sentinels superhero game….in walks Steve Cunliffe (yeah I’m naming names!) with over 2,000 points of built, painted, and based Necron pieces.  He says, “Hey, The Dark Overlord said to give these to you” (or maybe he said “I’m getting rid of these I don’t have the space”).  I took the pieces home, and checked them out.  I had Immortals, Scarabs, Warriors, Destroyers and Lords – A FULL PLAYABLE ARMY/FORCE!!!!!   

There were suddenly whispers in my mind…”See what we have provided for you?  Bad is Good.  Join our cause…let the harvest begin!”

NEXT CHAPTER….”A Necron Wraith walks through a wall, and into my heart!”

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