Thursday, June 30, 2011

Terrain - Supplies

Some people have asked what paint I use for basing it is!

I do have some minor issues with the paint - mainly you have to shake the can a lot and fiddle with it to get the paint flowing.  I imagine that's because of the small flecks in the paint.  I originally got the paint for my Necron Monoliths, but after some testing, I was concerned with being able to glue after painting.   I ended up going with a Hammered finish spray paint for the Monoliths (picture below).

Both paints are more expensive the regular spay paint - but about the same cost as Premium (Army Painter) hobby spray paint.  Both are kind of spray and forget.  For example, once I spray the Monoliths, I just have Justin (he has the steady hand) go over the fine lines with a high gloss gold and I'm done!

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