Saturday, January 5, 2013

Three's Company!!!

Two girls and a guy want to be roommates, but their ultra-conservative landlord is having none of that!  This re-casting of the old sit-com favorite is featuring eStryker, eHaley and pSloane....coming soon to a tournament at RedCap's!

In a few week, Red Cap's is running a unique 3 Warcaster/Warlock Only Tournament...this is my team!

I chose eHaley because NOBODY messes with an opponents rhythm like her feat.  I chose Sloan because...she is a Weapon Master with her rifle...say it with me DAAAAYYYYYUUUMMMMM!!!!!  I chose eStryker because he's....eStryker!!!!  Many of my opponents are still in shock over my Assassination runs with him after I used his OVERBOOST!  I'm thinking that with his reach, if the opponent is not careful with his placement, I might even get TWO casters with one run!!!

...more to follow...


  1. Super awesome.

    No Kraye? I thought he was your boy...

  2. In an army, with War jacks, Kraye is awesome. He makes the,m all either Light or Heavy Cavalry. But he does nothing that supports other War casters. I don't think he can really shine in this format.

  3. Interesting. Guess I need to understand this format more then. Who is Mr. Furley in this dynamic? Your opponent I guess...