Saturday, January 5, 2013

UPDATE - Three's Comapny

Ok....played a test game with Justin.  Legion of Everblight was his weapon of choice.  Justin won with 3 caster kills.  Although the Army played well, I need to make a change.  I am loosing pSloane for's why.  I found that while pSloane was good when she hit...she can only hit ONCE (ROF=1).  Sure her Firing Line Feat will give her an extra shot, it's still not enough.

eStryker Overboost for +16 STR in exchage fo 7 damage (pretty good), but he failed to kill a single caster - even with the charge (mostly due to high DEF enemy models).  I think Darius will give me more staying power in deeper turns and lining up his Tremor Attack (all models within 2 inches are knocked down) will increase Strykers kill count.

....more to follow....

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