Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gatormen....part deux!


After I played a few games, I learned some things.

First - Rask is a "spoiler" Warlock.  By this I mean, what he does best is disrupt other warcasters/warlocks.  He's best used to deliver a disruptive punch, just before your heavy warbeast charges the warlock/warcaster.  This prevents the enemy from taking any evasive action (e.g. pushing damage off to one of his warbeast) and forcing them to stand and take the damage.

Second, the few things can survive a charge from the Blackhide Wrastler!  On it's first attack, it can know the opponent down, therefore auto-hitting on all of it's subsequent strikes!  It worked EVERY time I used it.

Third, the Swamp Horror's ability to "pull" targets has the potential to  clear charge lanes on paper looks great, but works out to be situational at best.'s ability to grant REACH to another model is INCREDIBLE.  It takes the devastation of the Blackhide Wrastler to a whole new level!

Finally, the faction as a whole works REALLY well!

Since I decided to play the faction, I took the next steps to ensure that I could build all the way to 4th Tier with both Bloody Barnabas and Rask and have more army build options.  I added several units.

I added two full units of Gatorman Posse

Bog Trog Ambushers

Gatorman Bokor & Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers

I'm not crazy about the 2 Bog Trog units, but I needed them for the Tiers.  To give myself a few options, I also added some "solos", so I could have more options/tools in army construction.

Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

Note, with this solo, you spend 9 points and get a spell casting solo AND a heavy warbeast!

Gatorman Witch Doctor

 I rounded out the force by adding some non-Gatormen solos...more Croak Hunters (up to the 3 max) a Feralgeist (green model) and a Thrullg (purple tentacle faced guy)

While some of these models are not in Tier, their utility is undeniable.  For example, the Feralgeist does one thing...possess a recently killed warbeast (yours or your opponents) and let's you use him!  The Thrullg basically disrupts magic and warjacks and causes enemy models damage when they cast spells or use animi.

While I haven't had a chance to field my expanded force, I like both the look and theme of this army.

I'll report back after I run these list in a series of games.  Since this is my "fun" faction, I really don't plan on spending a lot of attention on adding units to this force.  However, the new book, Exigence introduced a Gatorman Battle Engine.  I'll check out the model, and if it's really cool, I may add it as an option.

....NEXT POST....

I'm switching my focus back to Warhammer 40K for my next post.  I will be presenting my new, mostly proxied (using minis from AT-43) Forgeworld Necron Army (Maynarkh Dynasty)!

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