Thursday, June 30, 2011

Warmachine - WRATH!

So, I already have a large Warmachine collection, so I'm thinking about putting together a WRATH level army and setting up a game.  Right now, I'm thinking about using this 100pt, 2 Warcaster list...Army Name: Wrath:

Cygnar: 99+11 points, 44 models
Captain Allister Caine  +5 points
- 2x Hunter  6 points each
- Squire  2 points
Captain Jeremiah Kraye  +6 points
- 2x Charger  4 points each 
- 2x Sentinel  4 points each
Arcane Tempest Gun Mages  6 points
- Gun Mage Officer  2 points
- Cyclone  9 points
Tempest Gun Mages  6 points
- Gun Mage Officer  2 points - Cyclone  9 points
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team  4 points
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution  3 points
Gun Mage Captain Adept (x2)  2 points each
Rutger Shaw  2 points
- Vanguard  5 points
Taryn di la Rovissi  2 points
Cavalry Support
Major Katherine Laddermore  5 points
Storm Lances  11 points
Stannis Brocker  4 points
3 Steelhead Heavy Cavalry  6 points

This is definitely a HIGHLY mobile force that would allow me to control large areas of the board as I zip around and try and set up two (2) Assassination Runs on the other two Warcasters (a difficult proposition at best).  If I expand to 125 or 150 points, I'd definitely add more Heavy Warjacks under Kraye, as well as some 'Jack repair capacity (maybe Arlan Strangeways and some Field Mechaniks).

Thoughts/Feedbacks....challengers :>


  1. Is this called a wraith level force I thought it was called "unbound" level of play.

  2. The rule set has been referred to as Unbound, but they appear in the soon to be released Warmachine: Wrath book. I don't know that they have officially released a name.

  3. You run a really threat of outpacing yourself with this army. It will take some discipline to not get strung out across the board. That said, it’s a good list with nice synergy.

    My Butcher lists would have no idea what hit them with Kraye driving/buffing your stuff while Caine acts sorta like a solo: an outside threat.

    I’ll have to look to see how many points I actually have. I’m not sure it’s 100 points.