Saturday, January 5, 2013

Return of the Bone 'Nids!!!!

I've been working on an 1,850 point Tyranid Army using 6th edition.  I am currently play testing it against Akil's Dark Eldar/Eldar army.  So far, it's going pretty well.

The scenario is Relic with a Hammer and Anvil Deployment.

We are both not really crisp on the rules, but no MAJOR mistakes.   My army list is:

  • Hive Tyrant (HQ)
  • Tyranid Prime (HQ)
  • Tervigon (Troop)
  • Tervigon (Troop)
  • Termagant Brood (x10 w/Devourer) (Troop)
  • Termagant Brood (x10 w/Devourer) (Troop)
  • Genestealer Brood (x10 + Broodlord) (Troop) - RESERVED [Outflanking]
  • Venomthrope Brood (x2) (Elite)
  • Zoanathrope (Elite)
  • Trygon Prime (Heavy) - RESERVED [Deep Striking]

It's the end of turn 1 and I have added the following:

  • Termagant Brood (x11 w/Fleshborer) (Troop)
  • Termagant Brood (x13 w/Fleshborer) (Troop)

One of the things that is interesting about this army is the number of Psychic Powers that it brings to the table - a total of 10 in five models!!!!  I have swapped a few innate powers for Biomancy, Telepathy, and Telekinesis powers - I feel that finding the EXACT mix of effective Psychic Powers is key to unlocking the potential of this list.

I am also following some advice given to me by Colin Kielick in configuring the Venomthropes in a unit with the Tyranid Prime - increasing their ability to survive and continue to provide their 5+ cover save to units with a model within 6 inches.

The Warlord Trait I rolled for was Master of Ambush (all Outlflanking units get Acute Senses which allows a re-roll when determining which Table Edge they enter play from).  Turn #2 will determine how effective this ability turns out to be.

...more to follow...


  1. Lovell, I think it's a really good move to start playing with more of the Tyranid's psychic powers. They were useful before, and I think they may have gotten more so in 6e. It's going to be an increasingly psycher-focused game, I think, so you need to be in front of that.

  2. Glad you like that trick, Lovell. I think you should be able to get 21" of coverage with that formation (3xBases=5", 2xGaps=4", plus 6" to each side), plus the protection from S8/9 insta-gibs.

    Also, I really like this list, but I feel that you need to sneak in some more shooting. I'm not sure what I would recommend dropping though. Maybe the Genestealers, as you already have some decent hitting CC in those MCs. Or the Tyrant, since I think his four wounds and no Tyrant Guard leaves him pretty vulnerable. Although as I just mentally talied your points, I feel that your list is either less than 1850, or you just forgot to list something.

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  4. Colin, the army points are as follows:

    Total Roster Cost: 1842

    HQ: 1 Hive Tyrant , 265 pts = (base cost 170 + Old Adversary 25 + Acid Blood 15 + Implant Attack 15 +Armoured Shell 40)

    HQ: 1 Tyranid Prime , 80 pts

    Troops: 10 Termagant Brood , 100 pts = 10 * 10 (base cost 5 + Devourer 5)

    Troops: 10 Termagant Brood , 100 pts = 10 * 10 (base cost 5 + Devourer 5)

    Troops: 1 Tervigon, 245 pts = (base cost 160 + Scything Talons 5 + Acid Blood 15 + Adrenal Glands 10 +Regeneration 30 + Toxin Sacs 10 + Catalyst 15)

    Troops: 1 Tervigon, 245 pts = (base cost 160 + Scything Talons 5 + Acid Blood 15 + Adrenal Glands 10 +Regeneration 30 + Toxin Sacs 10 + Catalyst 15)

    Troops: 10 Genestealer Brood , 160 pts = 10 * 16 (base cost 14 + Scything Talons 2)
    * 1 Broodlord , 62 pts = (base cost 60 + Scything Talons 2)

    Elite: 1 Zoanthrope, 60 pts

    Elite: 2 Venomthrope Brood , 110 pts = 2 * 55

    Elite: 3 Hive Guard Brood , 150 pts = 3 * 50

    Heavy Support: 1 Trygon Prime , 265 pts = (base cost 200 + Make Trygon Prime 40 + Regeneration 25

  5. Lovell, I withdraw my comment. When you first posted the list, you omitted the Hive Guard squad, which was what I was recommending that you squeeze in there. My only thought now is that some of you MC's have a few too many upgrades on them, and dropping things like Acid Blood all around (just not sure that it's worth the points) might allow you to bring another Zoanthrope, and thus more psychic powers. Another thing to consider might be dropping Regen all around to put some Tyrant Guard with your Tyrant. That should vastly increase his survivability, probably way more than the Regen does. I'm not sure that Tervigons with Iron Arm really need Regen at T7-9!

  6. Those are just minor points though. Overall I really like the list and think it will do really well. Oh, one last comment to echo what I posted on the PAGE forums: based on previous point trimming suggestions, if you could instead use the points to make the Zoey into the Doom in a pod, I don't think you will be disappointed! His scream power that hits everything in range, IN BOTH DAMN SHOOTING PHASES, is just ridiculous. You could just use the Zoey model to represent him, too.

  7. A couple of comments...whenever I don't rake Regen, I ALWAYS wished I had. The Acid Blood is pretty good in challenges and does a great job assuring mutual destruction against melee beast. However, I'm going to check the numbers out. Remember Iron Arm isn't a guarantee.

    Lastly, I REALLY like the Doom, but he is one model taking up a slot that could have 3. When I play against the Doom, he never last more than one turn. When I played with him, The results were just "OK".